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     One morning they gave us a guinea pig.   It came to the house in a cage. At midday, I opened the door of the cage.

     I returned home at nightfall and found the guinea pig just as I had left it:  inside the cage, huddled against the bars, trembling with the fear of freedom.

            Galeano,Eduardo. "Fear." The Book of Embraces. Trans. Cedric Belfare. New York: Norton, 1989. 113.


     We chose this abrazo because fear is a very common emotion, and while everyone has a fear, fears in general can be very diverse.   For example, Adam's childhood fear was flying, Carrie has the fear of losing control, Andrea's fear is failure, and Erin has the fear of sharks. In the following pages we will discuss in more detail how each of these fears have impacted our lives.  


Eleutherophobia: The Fear of Freedom

Galeano's abrazo speaks about a fear that has haunted generations of human beings for centuries, the fear of freedom. Fear not only affects individuals but it can affect nations too.

Currently our nation is being faced by the fear of freedom in several different areas, such as gun control, civil liberties, and speech. Our freedom make us vulnerable and as a nation we are considering giving some up of our basic rights in order to feel safe.

The greatest issue today concerning our fear of freedom is our civil rights and the changes that may occur in them because of 9/11. Many Americans no longer feel safe and are willing to give up some of our basic freedoms so as to prevent another horrific incident from occurring. Others feel that this is exactly what the terrorists wanted: for Americans to cower in the fear of our freedoms and change our way of life. These Americans feel that by giving up our freedoms we are allowing the terrorists to be successful, and that terrorism should be treated as an unfortunate but bearable consequence of having a free nation.

Some kind of fear affects everyone on a daily basis, whether that fear is a personal or public one. Our web pages share our individual fears and our attempt to overcome and understand them. Through our common fears: the fear of flying, the fear of failure, the fear of sharks and the fear of losing control, we discuss how we as individuals overcome our fears to continue our everyday lives.


Fear of Flying
Fear of Failure
Fear of Losing Control
Fear of Sharks


Links to articles about the Fear of Freedom and the loss of Civil Liberties after the September 11, 2001 attacks:

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