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Links to Further Information

You will find (will have found) lots of links within this site as you come (came) across important information. This page is not a repetition of those links. Instead, it includes links to further general information on Eduardo Galeano and his writing. There is not too much out there, apparently, and most of it is in Spanish.

If you want to buy any of Eduardo Galeano's books (new or used), go to our about the Book page for links.

Informational Sites in English Eduardo Galeano biography and list of works. Interpertations of Open Veins of Latin America.


Informational Sites in Spanish Biografía.

Muldia: Biografía, libros.

Patriagrande: "La página de Eduardo Galeano".


Galeano's Writings in English

Lannan Audio: The Lannan Foundation, which gave Eduardo Galeano its first Cultural Freedom Prize in 1999, now has RealAudio of Galeano doing a reading, and also conversing with photographer Sebastiao Salgado (whose book An Uncertain Grace, Galeano wrote an introduction for). This link will take you to a main page; then you'll have to click on the "Galeano" links. This is fantastic!

Confession of theBombs: US air attacks on Yugoslavia.

Confession of the Bomb: US air attacks on Yugoslavia (different translation).

Haiti, despised by all: A breif overview of Haiti's history.

Voices: A series of short abrazo's.

Clowns for the Market Circus: An essay of media and globalization.

Simpson's Quotations: A Galeano quote.

from Century of Wind: An extract from Century of the Wind.

Chile: Extracts from Memory of Fire, giving a brief history of Chile from 1970-1983.

lannan conversation


Galeano's Writings in Spanish

Ventanas from La Jornada: The best place to find more of Eduardo Galeano's writing in Spanish is the site for La Jornada, a Mexican newspaper that prints a short Galeano piece every Sunday. Click here for an internal page that lists all of these "ventanas" (windows) as they're called, and for some more information on them.

Varios artculos



Una contradiccion llamada Uruguay

In Italian

Das Bekenntnis der Bomben


Interviews with Galeano in English

Atlantic Interview (11/30/00): "Words that Must Be Said", Galeano talks to Scott Sherman about his writings and Latin America.

Progressive Interview (6/29/99): Galeano talks to David Barsamian about His books, Latin America, politics and life.

Living On Earth (7/5/96): Galeano talks to Life on Earth reporter Bob Carty about the oppression in Latin America. Galeano talks to Mo'nica mateos about the military siege in Chiapas, Mexico, liberty and globalization.

Interviews with Galeano in Spanish

Lamaga Interview (10/30/00): "Somos lo que Halemos para Cambiar lo que Somos".

Lamaga Interview (9/9/98): "No Me Arrepinto de Nada De lo que Escribi".

Lamaga Interview (4/29/92): "Mi Memoria Sigue Mi Mejor Compañera".

Jornada interview (4/2/00): "Arturo Jímenez Entrevista con Eduardo Galeano".

Jornada interview (2/29/00): "El Zapatismo, Hito Antiguo que Deviene Modernisimo: Galeano:.

Jornada interview (3/5/00): "Perparo Libros Abiertos para que El Lector se Sienta Libre: Galeano".


Book Reviews in English (11/00): A review of Upside Down

Progressive(12/00): A review of Upside Down


Illinois St Class Page: Page dedicated to Galeano

Lannan Cultural Freedom: "1999 Lannan Cultural Freedom Prize".


El Siglo del Viento: Das Jahrhundert des Sturms

El Siglo del Viento: "Cine indispensable".

Jornada (3/01/00): "Galeano, Contundente Tocador de balón al más Puro Estilo de la Izquierda de al".