The System/2

Double standards

The System/2

It's the age of the chameleon: no one has taught humanity so much as that humble little creature.  Experts in concealment are highly respected, homage is paid to the culture of the mask.  We speak the double language of master mimics.  Double language, double accounting, double morality: one morality for speech, another morality for action.  The morality for action is called realism.  The law of reality is the law of power.  So that reality should not seem unreal, those in charge tell us that morality must be immoral.

Galeano, Eduardo. "The System/2." The Book of Embraces. Trans. Cedric Belfrage. New York: Norton, 1991. 178.

Our group chose this abrazo because we wanted to speak out against the governmental system.  All of the group members have had some sort of personal run-in with the law. The links on the top left go to our individual pages.  The ideas came straight from the abrazo.   These pages were created by Drew Willmann, Patrick Gallant, Pete Beagle, and Kelly Bartemes.  The four of us will continue to hate the system and inform others of all the bull that takes place in our country.


Drew's Analysis of "The System/2"

On page 178 of The Book of Embraces, you will find an interesting article written by Eduardo Galeano.  The article speaks out against the government and the system, obviously.  He basically thinks the opposite of someone in politics.  His main point is how the system can change itself for each different language, speech, moral, and reality.  Eduardo speaks out the truth and tells us how it is.  He knows how the government uses many different masks to conceal their image and to hide from the public what we so desperately need to know.  "So that reality should not seem unreal, those in charge tell us that morality must be immoral."  These words summarize his powerful voice, but yet they are so soft and simple that even a child could understand him.