Sight of Grace
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Because we won't be updating this Web site very often (we did it as a class project and, now that the class is over, won't be meeting together any more), we've set up this section of the site for discussion of the site, An Uncertain Grace, Sebastião Salgado, Latin America, North America, Africa, Eastern Europe, politics, art, suffering, hunger, plagues, ironies in life, etc. One of our class objectives was to extrapolate the photographs in An Uncertain Grace to see how far we could get with the themes apparent in Salgado's work. We've been very successful in stretching his photographs into more than a thousand-words-each worth of interesting class discussions and presentations. We'd like also to be successful in keeping the discussion going.

We're also very interested in knowing who is finding our Web site and what they/you think about it and the ideas it presents. So please take the time to post to our discussion list and read through past posts. Although we're no longer in class together, we'll be able to check in on the discussion board to see what's happening and to post replies or start new threads.

So click here to be taken to a discussion forum where you can post messages and replies. Be sure to give us your email address when you post. Thanks.