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     A Mother's Love

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Children's ward in Korem Refugee Camp, Ethiopia 1984.  An Uncertain Grace p. 2

A mother's love is something that almost everyone can relate to.  Without our mothers to care and provide for us, we would not be here today.  We chose this picture because, in our eyes, it stands out from the rest of Sebastião Salgado's photographs as a true portrayal of Uncertain Grace.  

On the sub-links provided you can find information pertaining to our thoughts and feelings on this photograph.  Ethiopia gives, not only background information on the country itself, but also our thoughts about the situation taking place over there.  Health supplies information on refugee camps, like the Korem Refugee Camp (where this picture was taken), and discusses the health conditions there.  Analysis takes an in-depth look at this picture, giving, not only a technical analysis of the composition of the photograph, but also our own perspectives on what the composition says about the meaning of the picture.  Reflections explains in detail the reasons why we chose this picture from amongst many others, and gives our final thoughts on what the picture meant to us.

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