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  Mali 1985

Here one used to be able to find Lake Faguibine, the largest in western Africa; now the desert has installed itself.  Only a few humans can be found here, fleshless, looking like the vegetation.  Mali, 1985.  From An Uncertain Grace, page 66.

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Look at this photograph.  What do you see?  How does it make you feel?  We chose this image because we think it accurately represents a true sense of "uncertain grace."  This picture has really made us think.  Not only about the life of this boy, but also about our own lives.   

These links are our reflections.  Our history page is about the country and culture of Mali.  The page on independence contrasts the children of America with the children of third world nations.  Culture clash shows the irony of our country's views of the "perfect body image."  Finally, the page on pornography discusses the battle of our rights vs. what some feel is offensive.   All of these different discoveries where sparked by a single photograph. Our desire is that this picture will touch you in some way.  We hope that it has opened your eyes to the devastation that exists in this part of the world.

These pages were created by Rachel Hitti, Amy Gallagher, Sara Guarnieri, and Patty Crago to help create awareness.