Ourgrations: Student Responses to Global Migrations

This site is a class project by Brigham Young University students. It derives from the photographs in Sebastião Salgado's Migrations project, photographs of people on the move, migrating to cities or refugee camps, often driven by war or economic hardship. This site deals directly with five geographic regions, extrapolating from photographs to discourses on history, sociology, economics, politics, etc. Most importantly, the issues behind these pages are real. We encourage visitors to the site to take action to prevent social injustice wherever it occurs.


Afghanistan Afghanistan (Sebastião Salgado) Brazil Brazil (Sebastião Salgado) China China (Sebastião Salgado) Ecuador Ecuador (Sebastião Salgado) Rwanda Rwanda (Sebastião Salgado)


Chiapas Chiapas, Mexico (Sebastião Salgado) Mexico-US Border Mexico-US Border (Sebastião Salgado) Gibraltar Gibraltar, Spain (Sebastião Salgado) Sudan Sudan (Sebastião Salgado) Rwanda Rwanda (Sebastião Salgado)