Mexican-U.S Border: No one-way solution

Mexican refugees Mexican refugees, Tijuana, Mexico, 1997 (Sebastião Salgado)

Mexicans have been coming to America for decades. Legally and illgally, these immigrants come to America and change their own lives as well as the U.S society and economy. They leave their home country changed in their flight. New American laws are threatening unwanted change in the lives of these illegal immigrants.

Our project will cover these changes. Our goal is to shed a little light on this controversial subject. We will discuss the effects left on Mexico as well as the U.S. In order to understand a bit more about the conflict, background knowledge is needed. This historical background of the Mexican- US border conflict is presented by Natalie Dennis. The effects of illegal immigration affect both Mexico and the United States. The effects on the United States is reviewed by Becky Meads. Paul Smith's page focuses mainly on the effects of illegal immigration on Mexico. Finally, the new United States immigration laws are summarized by Brandon Sargent.

The Group L to R: Natalie Dennis, Becky Meads, Brandon Sargent, Paul Smith