AFGHANISTAN: Road to Recovery

Jade Maiwan Avenue, Kabul, Afghanistan, 1996 (Sebastião Salgado) Jade Maiwan Avenue, Kabul, Afghanistan, 1996 (Sebastião Salgado)

Our group became interested in Afghanistan because of their recent freedom from the rule of the Taliban after many successive tyrannies. When the United States bombed the capital and ran out the Taliban in 2001, it eliminated the little stability they had-- however oppressive and unappealing it was-- and brought about destruction on the land. We wanted to see how the Afghanistan government and citizens could create a functional nation with their unique culture as the foundation. We found that the hope stemmed from moving forward by instituting shaping the present with their culture and rebuilding the economy and land through work and outside assistance.

Julianne Dana is from Gilbert, Arizona and is majoring in Violin Performance at Brigham Young University. She enjoys rain when it's not cold, heavy blankets and laughing.

Jennifer Nishiguchi is from Bountiful, Utah and is applying to the Accounting Program at Brigham Young University. Singing, dancing and washing laundry fulfill her deepest desires on a daily basis.

Shannon Smalley is from Summit, New Jersey and is a member of Theatre Ballet and is a Dance major at Brigham Young University. She finds happiness when drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book amidst the dreary snow outside.

The Group L to R: Shannon Smalley, Julianne Dana, Jennifer Nishiguchi In Action Jennifer, Shannon, and Julianne in action.