Sudan: A Present-Day Crisis

Southern Sudanese boys in hiding, 1993 (Sebastião Salgado) Southern Sudanese boys in hiding, 1993 (Sebastião Salgado)

A Brief Timeline of Sudan

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Our group is comprised of a few individuals who have felt a deep interest in Sudan:

Judy Simmons is from Salem, UT, although she has lived all over the country. She is very talented in many areas including singing, dancing, acting, and origami(ing). She is interested in the history and pop-culture of Sudan and will be looking specifically at the evolution of women's rights in Sudan.

Joseph Gullerud is from Corvallis, OR. He enjoys writing music, eating desserts, and playing foosball. Joseph is very interested in international development and human rights issues and will be focusing on the current Genocide in Sudan.

Karyn Beeston is also from Salem, UT. She enjoys dancing, playing soccer, and working. Karyn is very interested in the field of business, and has had a life-time goal to own her own business. She will focusing on political and economic activity in Sudan.

Our group has worked really hard to present this site to the public (aka Dr. Madden's class) and to show off what we have learned. We have each researched different aspects of Sudan that combine our individual concerns, passions, talents, skills and abilities. We hope to have clarified many of the problems faced by Sudan and also to have provided creative and thoughtful insights on the conflicts and suffering that have arisen in this area, and what can be done to stop them. Please explore our individual sites with an open mind. You may be surprised at what you learn!

The Group L to R: Judy Simmons, Karyn Beeston, Joseph Gullerud